Finglobedirect-Advanced Research

Finglobedirect, backed-by vast database resources of company information, presents one-of-a-kind unique service which provides large datasets in excel format when users need large amount of data i.e. many years or many companies or many variables, on their fingertips immediately.

Key Benefits
  • --Any large dataset which usually requires an annual or monthly subscription provided within 24 hours.
  • --Completely oversteps the long and complicated process of subscription when all you need is a specific information within a day.
  • --Transforms the large operational business data into analytics and insights within a day.
  • --Costs fraction of usual subscription rates.


  • --10 years of company information available.
  • --Datasets delivered in client's customized format.
  • --If we do not have such a dataset ready - we will assign staff and compile dataset within few days of receiving information.
  • --Close co-ordination with clients in terms of setting up database specifications.
  • --Undisputed edge with a dedicated experienced business research team at client's service.
  • --Accessible 24/7 and 365 days/year from any part of the world.
  • --Services charged as per the number of companies' information or the number of years' coverage needed.

Research Capabilities
  • --Multiple databases on companies worldwide are available to service the information needs through various products and services.
  • --A continuous presence of skilled business researchers in our multiple locations across the world facilitates us to take-up any information or analytical request on any amount of company data within a short notice.
  • --Our products range from customized tailored requirement to Weekly, Monthly and Yearly data collection, which increases our versatility and adaptability to any kind of company information requirements.
  • --Being in this research field for about 30+ years, we know where and how to look and find any further information available in public domains across the world.
Research Capabilities

How it Works
  • Step1:Send your project requirement at
  • Step 2: Finglobedirect team will send the estimated delivery schedule and cost estimate for your approval
  • Step 3: As per your approval, invoice will be sent to you along with an email
  • Step 4: At this point, you need to go to 'Pricing' menu of this page and pay utilizing applicable amounts as per invoice
  • Step 5: We will deliver the contents according to the project proposal

Trade Facilitators

  • Trade facilitators based in Japan
  • Trade facilitators based in India

Indexes provided: Japanese prefecture, Indian state, Japanese city, Indian city

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Examples of Data Provided
  • Data on stock market analysis for Japanese listed companies for specific number of years
  • Data on key income statement variables for listed companies from a group of countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, etc. from Latin America region for specific number of years
  • Data on stock price performance of selected Indian companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange for specific number of years
  • Data on key balance sheet variables for global textile companies for specific number of years by country
  • Data on key financial ratios for real estate companies across various sub-industries for specific number of years
  • Data on historical stock prices of leading 1500+ Frontier Markets companies for 100 or more companies of choice by various groups
  • Data on stock market returns for top 1300 global commodities companies across various sub-commodities sectors for specific number of years
  • Data on Japan stock market Indices for specific number of years
  • Data on Key financial accounting variables for Japan listed companies for specific number of years
  • Data on Key financial ratios for Japan listed companies for specific number of years